A downloadable game for Windows

Save the world from the invasion of the coin-op 8 bit aliens in this first person shooter. The coin-op world has had enough and is seeking revenge for the deaths of millions of sprites at the hands of merciless coin-op players. You are armed with an assault rifle, heavy machine gun and rocket launcher. Destroy each wave of aliens, collect medi-packs and ammo boxes to carry on the fight. Good luck! This game is in development, more levels are being added, with large mother ships and more.

Install instructions

Unzip the download file and run the executable.


8bitinvasion_win_32bit.zip 151 MB
8bitinvasion_win_64bit.zip 151 MB


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looks like someone's watched the movie Pixels

yeah I did :-) but tbh I wasn't thinking about the movie and then I got half way and realized, oh wait.